"RAM" A Handmade Limited Edition Book By Artist Rowland Jones

Artist Rowland Jones is announcing the release of his latest project, RAM. Made up of idiosyncratic images with off-the-wall quotes and comments, RAM is available from the innovative Dutch company, Matchboox. Producing matchbox sized, Japanese style books, Matchboox features work from many well known Dutch artists and writers. Rowland is the first Welsh artist invited to contribute.

Rowland Jones didn't start drawing until he was in his fifties. Encouraged by a friend to pursue his dream, he began by attending a life drawing class. Today Rowland is working toward completing his 35th Moleskin notebook of sketches, scribbles and writings. He is also currently putting the finishing touches to a series of illustrations for an anthology of Dutch poetry being produced by award winning book designer, Baer Cornet. Find out more about "RAM"…

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  1. Hi!
    The above was a limited edition run- therefore the above link will no longer connect to the Matchboox.com site.
    You can contact me directly at


    or via e-mail at


    I still have a number of the miniature books available.


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