Today Is The One Year Anniversary of Illustration Pages

Today marks the one year anniversary of Illustration Pages. It was a year ago today that I posted my first feature of an artist's Facebook Page. And do you know who that artist was? It was artist Michael Fleming. Since that time I've written features on over one hundred artists' Facebook Pages. Recently it was illustrator Anthony Freda's page that was the one hundredth Facebook page to be featured on Illustration Pages. But as you know, Illustration Pages has become more than Facebook pages - a lot more. After a few months went by and IP progressed, I decided to feature artists' online stores also. And since that time I've written features on over thirty of them.

Illustration Pages has certainly come a long way since that first feature of Michael Fleming. I've had some wonderful and talented people join the IP team. artist Melissa Kojima was the first. Melissa jumped on board the IP train back in February and has been contributing inspirational articles every week since. Melissa is an extremely talented artist and I can't thank her enough for what she contributes to the site. Later copywriter Lydia Gnau joined the team and has written numerous thought provoking, heart felt articles for the site. Lydia's articles read like poetry. She adds a wonderful dimension to IP. And then, rounding it all off with his awesome Drawing Inspiration features is artist and writer, Owen Schumacher. Owen has been contributing illustrations of artists of historic importance to Illustration Pages since August. IP wouldn't be what it is today without the efforts of these wonderful people and I thank them sincerely.

As the site has grown I've had the pleasure of interviewing many fascinating artists which has certainly been a thrill. And how about some of the artists we've featured? Graphic designer Jeff Fisher, children's illustrator Bob Staake, painter Kenny Scharf, graphic designer Leighton Hubbell - the list goes on with so many talented artists it would be impossible to list them all out here. We've also had contributions from artists such as illustrator Laura Smith, artist Cathie Bleck, and illustrator Edel Rodriguez.

And I would never leave out the two very talented artists that created the awesome posters that you see to the right everyday you visit IP. Illustrator Erin Klauk and artist J.R. Mounger created amazing posters that hang framed in my studio and fill me with pride everyday I see them.

Who can forget one of the biggest achievements for IP ? Being recognized back in March as a "Top 10 Website For Designers" by How Magazine was quite an accomplishment. Since that time we've made a few top lists for illustrators, designers and artists. I'd like to thank those folks also for recognizing the hard work that goes into a site like IP.

Thanks to everyone that contributes to and visits IP everyday. We have some really great things in the hopper for 2011 - bios similar to illustrator and designer Ron Rae - written by the artists themselves. Those alone will be amazing. And of course we'll have many more Facebook page and online store features, not to mention a boat load of inspirational artwork to highlight and interviews. So sit back, relax and enjoy another year of Illustration Pages.

Lou Simeone
Illustration Pages
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  1. Congratulations! Love your page and all the great work that you feature. It's always a wonderful break from my day to escape to this wonderful gallery of art! Keep it up! -David Landis, creator of http://www.DesktopGremlins.com papercraft toys

  2. Thank you. It's great to read such positive comments about IP.

  3. Ah, shucks, thank you, Lou. Love the site too. And it has nothing to do with me being a contributor to it. I SWEAR! Here's to many more years!!!!

  4. You do great work, Lou. Here's to IP growing and growing! Glad to be a contributor to the site, and all the best for the New Year.

  5. Thank you guys. Very happy to have both of you on board.


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