Ken Graning Interview

It is my pleasure to present the autobiography and artwork of illustrator, Ken Graning. Ken Graning's impressive career as an illustrator spans an astonishing forty six years.

When It Comes To Logos These Companies Don't Play Around

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In March, Forbes reported that Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Corporation, is "one of the richest people on the planet".

Ed Fella Interview

Ed Fella is one of the most prominent graphic designers of our time, and as you can imagine, a conversation with Ed Fella is both inspiring and enlightening

The Amazing Illustrations and Sketches of J.R. Mounger

Artist and designer J.R. Mounger has a passion for illustration and you sure can tell by the artwork he creates.

An Interview with Art Licensing Consultant, Maria Brophy

I first learned of Maria's work last year, when I featured the artwork of surf lifestyle artist, Drew Brophy, here on Illustration Pages - I've been a loyal fan and avid follower of both ever since.



Illustration Pages Contributor – Illustrator, Melissa Kojima

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank illustrator, Melissa Kojima for all of her wonderful, inspirational contributions to Illustration Pages so far. Melissa was first featured on Illustration Pages back in January, 2010. She has been a contributor to IP since her first post on February 11, 2010, and has been posting every week on the site since then. Melissa’s witty and clever style of writing adds such great flavor to the IP site. The artwork and artists she shares with us each week are truly inspirational.

Melissa’s own illustrations and artwork is also inspirational. Take some time to visit her brilliant work at the following links:
Facebook | Melissa Kojima

Thank you Melissa and I’m looking forward to more of your great contributions to Illustration Pages going forward – straight ahead everyone.

Lou Simeone
Illustration Pages
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Illustration Pages' Vacation

This week on Illustration Pages we’ll be taking a much needed vacation. So while there won’t be new posts everyday this week there will be a few recaps. Next week we’ll come back re-energized with more great artists to highlight, articles, inspiration, techniques and more. In the meantime:

Remember to keep submitting your news to Illustrations Pages whenever you would like to shine the spotlight on some new work, a recent website redesign, a new book you’ve authored or are being featured in, awards you’ve recently received – you get the idea. Don’t forget aside from featuring the Facebook pages and online stores of visual artists from around the world, Illustration Pages is also your destination for the latest industry news.

You can show Illustration Pages some link love by linking to the site from your Facebook page, blog and website.

Most importantly keep those submissions coming. Illustration Pages survives by receiving your work to highlight. So keep the Facebook pages and online store submissions coming.

Thanks so much for helping to make Illustration Pages what it is today.

Illustration Pages
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The poster artwork for the 1983 classic movie National Lampoon's Vacation was created by the great Boris Vallejo.

Cartoon Craziness With Illustrator George Coghill

Cartoonist George Coghill has a lot of really awesome character illustrations going on over at Coghill Cartooning. Specializing in custom mascot characters for logos, George Coghill is another artist featured here on IP with a great sense of humor who likes to have fun with his art.

Some folks get kind of snobbish when it comes to the great art of cartooning or cartoon-style illustration– and it just isn't right to be quite honest – well not at Illustration Pages. We give props to George Coghill and other cartoonists out there like him. His logo work is excellent and his approach to drawing is as serious as any other artist out there.

Like most other forms of art, cartooning requires knowledge of both human and animal anatomy – not to mention a far out imagination. Just look at all the great characters George Coghill creates – pinup girls, surfers, aliens, super heroes, dogs, gorillas. Does he ever run out of things to draw?

Artists that have influenced George are Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Roger Dean, Robert Williams, Alex Grey, Stephen Blickenstaff, B.K. Taylor, Sebastian Kruger and Coop. Any of them sound familiar?

Want more Goerge Coghill? Have a look at his webcasts on The Artcast Network. There he walks his audience through digital sketching, vector cartooning and illustration in Photoshop and Illustrator.

George Coghill is definitely enjoyable to follow as he always has a steady flow of work to show. From avatars to logos to icons the Coghill studio is always jumpin’. Check out what he has done in the past and stay up-to-date with what he has going on now.

Crescent Hill Books Would Like to Get You Published

Crescent Hill Books specializes in creating design-rich books focused on the graphic design and advertising fields. They produce six to eight titles per year, and they’re constantly looking for fresh, innovative designs to feature in upcoming books.

Crescent Hill Books has created an online submission site so creative professionals from around the world can browse their current Call for Entries for opportunities to have work published in prestigious, international publications. 

Crescent Hill Books - Innovative Producer of Fine Design Books
What kinds of designs are they looking for?

Crescent Hill Books feature the best in advertising, product packaging, logos, retail and environmental graphics and all forms of print media.

They are currently inviting people who work in the creative field to register with their site and browse their Call for Entries – you may find a book that is perfectly suited to your best work.

All submissions are free, and offer the opportunity to have your work featured in an internationally distributed book.

Crescent Hill Books partners with some of the largest publishing houses in the United States to create beautiful, design-rich books that showcase rarely-seen designs from the creative industry, not just from within the United States but from around the world.

Go to the site and register…

Issuu: Find, Connect & Publish Your Illustrations On the Web

contributed by Melissa Kojima

Issuu was recommended to me by another illustrator, so as an illustrator, I feel obligated to pass it on to you. It's one of those free sites where you can find inspiration, connect with others and publish your illustrations online. So far I've published some comics, a zine and my portfolio to my Issuu library.

There are many amazing illustration magazines and books on this website, including an issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, the pop surrealism art magazine, and the portfolio of award-winning and illustration-loving Art Director, Soojin Chun Buzelli.

So what are you waiting for? Create a PDF file of your comic, zine or portfolio, join Issuu for free, and start sharing and finding inspiration! You've got nothing to lose!

Desktop Gremlins unleashes the TOOYU!

Free paper toys that you can download and build right now! Unleash a mischief-maker onto your desk with Desktop Gremlins papercraft!
It is TOOYU!

Centuries ago, when villagers celebrated a birthday, magicians learned a spell that transformed well-wishes and happy thoughts into a magical candle-carrying gremlin called a Tooyu. If captured, the Tooyu would grant a wish to whoever doused its flame. As years passed, Tooyu appearances became rarer, but people remembered the creature by baking a sweet cake treat to honor its power. It is hoped when you sing “Happy Birthday,” a Tooyu might make its return.

Free paper toys that you can download and build right now! Unleash a mischief-maker onto your desk with Desktop Gremlins papercraft!
AND FOR MORE FUN… the Tooyu web page also features a fun zone that enables visitors to unlock even more. Unleash an additional five of the most rare Tooyu the world has never seen! Get your Tooyou now...

Free paper toys that you can download and build right now! Unleash a mischief-maker onto your desk with Desktop Gremlins papercraft!
Desktop Gremlins are downloadable paper craft construction projects that are fun to build, display and share. Conceived to be a creative diversion that showcases Landis illustration and brand development, Desktop Gremlins are invading the world. The site has welcomed close to 20,000 visitors from over 3,500 different cities all over the planet. Build your own mischief-maker today visit

Discover Endless Humor in the Paintings of Artist Nate Owens

The expressions on the faces of the characters in Nate Owens’ paintings are priceless – not to mention the situations he puts them in. His art has a Norman Rockwell feel to it. Wouldn’t you agree? There’s so much to look at in every painting – each with its own unique story to tell. He’s certainly an artist that loves what he does and is having a good time doing it. As you look through his art you’ll find that there’s also a serious side to Nate Owens, evident in many of his other beautifully rendered paintings. Whatever the subject matter, Nate Owens’ approach to painting is that of an exceptionally skilled craftsman on a noble quest to make us smile.

Nate Owens has been doing illustrations for publication and gallery art (oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.) for years. His art has appeared on everything from bus benches to ads, magazine illustrations, TV spots and gift products like coffee mugs, shirts, greeting cards and wall decor prints.

As an art director Nate has designed annual reports, catalogs, brochures, publications and ads. Many of his ads have found homes in the pages of Time, Newsweek, USA Today and The Saturday Evening Post.

Nate’s humor illustrations have been his most popular and most widely published - appearing on greeting cards and products from Leanin' Tree publishing since 1980. Nate finds endless inspiration from his days of growing up on a farm around tale-spinning great uncles and a menagerie of interesting critters.

Type Rules!: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography

Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography
Just Released! From principle to practice, get it all in the revised edition of the comprehensive introduction to typography.

Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography, 3rd Edition is an up-to-date, thorough introduction to the principles and practices of typography. From the fundamentals to cutting-edge applications, this edition has everything today's serious designer needs to use type effectively. Dozens of exercises reinforce authoritative coverage on such topics as how to select the appropriate type for the job, how to set type like a pro, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to design a typeface, as well as how to fully harness the power of major design packages such as InDesign? and QuarkXPress? -- with new coverage of their latest versions. Purchase the book...

Swap Your Old Art Books: 5 Book Swapping Websites

Are you tired of some of your art books? Maybe you’ve gotten all the inspiration you’re going to get from that book on Leonardo da Vinci that’s been sitting on your bookshelf since 1989. Would you consider trading your books for different ones? Have you heard of book swapping online? Book swapping websites let you swap your old books for different ones the way you used to swap baseball cards with your buddies or your grandmother’s recipes with your friends.

The general idea behind book swapping sites is you join the site, post books you would like to swap, other members peruse your list, and you peruse theirs - then swap. That’s all there is to it. The sites listed below are all free to join. Perhaps it’s time to turn in some old art books, design books or illustration books for different ones and get that creative lightning striking again. – This site is currently free but states that sometime in the future they might charge members $10 to $20 for a yearly membership. The person mailing the books pays for the postage on this site. When a member receives your books you earn credits – 1 credit = 1 book. You can use your credits to order books. They are also linked to and – List your books or audio books on this site. A notification email is sent to you when a member wants a titled you’ve listed. On this site the recipient pays the shipping. You can create a wish list and be notified via email when a match is found to your list. – This site allows you to list more than books. You can list books, CDs, movies, and video games that you want to trade and the books, CDs, DVDs and video games that you want to receive. Swaptree will show you all of the items that you can receive for yours. Suggesting a trade is as simple as clicking a button next to the item you would like to have. Once another trader accepts a proposed swap, the trade is complete and you will then be provided the shipping address where you need to ship your item. You pay for the shipping of the package that you’re sending. – On this site the recipient pays for the shipping. Points are assigned to your items. More popular items earn more points. And they guarantee books you receive will be in good shape, and DVDs playable or they provide a refund. Another benefit of this site is that you don’t deal with the traders directly. –Type in books you want to give away. Receive requests from others for your books. Mail your books and receive points. Get your books with the points you earn. You receive a tenth-of-a-point for every book you type into their system and one point each time you give a book away. In order to keep receiving books, you need to give away at least one book for every two you receive. The nice thing about this site is that you can give your points to charities such as children’s hospitals. You pay for the shipping of the package that you’re sending.

As you can see, all these websites are relatively the same - with some slight differences here and there. The good part is they're all currently free. You'll probably want to investigate each one further before deciding which is best for you. Or maybe you'd like to join more than one site. That's up to you of course. If you’ve never tried swapping books online it just might be worth a shot. It’s certainly better than just throwing your old books away. You might have that treasure someone has been searching for and they might have what you've been looking for. You never know.

The Ethereal Paintings of Tattoo Artist Jason Pedersen

The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Perdersen
Way back in February tattoo artist Jason Pedersen was highlighted on Illustration Pages for his exquisite tattoo work. Since the main focus of that article was his tattoo art none of Jason's amazing paintings were featured - until now.

The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Perdersen
The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Perdersen
The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Perdersen
The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Perdersen
To see more of Jason's work visit his site, The Illustration and Tattoo Artistry of Jason Pedersen.

The Art of the Letterform

Contributed by LOU SIMEONE

I have nothing but the highest respect for the art of lettering. I don’t think most people would dispute it when I say that lettering and typography have to be one of the biggest challenges for many illustrators and designers to either create properly or integrate effectively into their work. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, whether lettering and typography is a challenge for you or you simply have a pure love for the art form, below are two great references for instruction and or enjoyment.

Letter as Image

Letter As Image / Image As Letter Michael Doret, Louise Fili, Gerard Huerta, Tom Nikosey, Daniel Pelavin and Tom White
Letter as Image is a great website that contains the work of 6 masters of the letterform, Michael Doret, Louise Fili, Gerard Huerta, Tom Nikosey, Daniel Pelavin and Tom White. I’ve admired the work of these great artists since I could read and it’s fantastic to be able to view their work on one site.

Logo, Font and Lettering Bible, illustrator, graphic designer, Leslie Cabarga
Logo, Font and Lettering Bible

This book has been out since 2004 but it is absolutely one of the best books out there on the subject and definitely worth mentioning if there’s a slim chance that you might not know of it yet. Written and designed by Leslie Cabarga this book contains everything you need to know to create logos, fonts and icons, all of which, often start with the ability to draw letterforms. Leslie Cabarga has been an illustrator, graphic designer and font designer since 1975. Needless to say he knows a thing or two about the art of the letterform.

Become the Best Animal Artist with Marshall Vandruff's DVD

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Marshall Vandruff, Introduction to Animal Anatomy, shake, expressions, scripting, macros, compositing, unix commands, command line, command line scripting, batch scripting, repetitive task utilities, color-x expressions, expression functions, expression variables, creating your own macros, customizin

Have you wanted to learn to draw and paint animals that seem to leap off the page? If you're good at human anatomy, I'm sure you have a better grasp than most at achieving this realism. But if you don't know animal anatomy, you won't get too far. So where do you go to learn? Buy or check out books? Yeah, or you could even do better than that. Take a class? Where and with whom?

Marshall Vandruff, Introduction to Animal Anatomy, shake, expressions, scripting, macros, compositing, unix commands, command line, command line scripting, batch scripting, repetitive task utilities, color-x expressions, expression functions, expression variables, creating your own macros, customizin

I suggest taking it with Marshall Vandruff who has been teaching the best animators and artists in the entertainment industry. Does that mean you have to come to Los Angeles to take his class? Not anymore. Now, you can simply buy his DVD. It's better than a class because you can rewind and play it over and over again until you get each concept. Learn more about Marshall and his DVD at this link.

BLOW UP! 3 of the Best Illustrators Exhibiting at Society of Illustrators in NYC!

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Yes, if you love illustration and are going to be in New York City next month, you must check out this great exhibit of 3 of my favorite illustrators: Yuko Shimizu, Sam Weber, and Tomer Hanuka. All three are from different countries; Japan, Canada and Israel, respectively, with different styles, but all amazing. Seeing this will give you a blast of inspiration. If the title for the show doesn't tell you that,"BLOW UP" then I don't know what could. To learn more about the artists and the exhibition, see details below or click on the above link.

Blow Up: Hanuka, Shimizu, Weber, society of illustrators; illustration; society; illustrate, illustrator

September 1 - October 16th
Opening: Friday September 10th
6:30PM Cash bar until midnight
Suggested donation $10


128 East 63rd Street NYC
Tues 10-8 Wed-Fri 10-5 Sat 12-4

Drifting and Dreaming with Illustrator Nidhi Chanani

Isn’t it great when you come across art that speaks to you as soon as you see it? You come across an artist’s website and with every click through his or her portfolio you find something truly amazing. Well, that’s certainly the case with the work of San Francisco illustrator Nidhi Chanani. Every click through Nidhi’s portfolio of illustrations will fill you with warmth and joy.

Nidhi’s thoughtful compositions are a big part of what makes her work so interesting. Other elements such as her brilliant use of lighting and deliberate use of intricate patterns combined with wonderful textures and colors result in stylized illustrations that tell stories you wish you were a part of.

Enjoy the dreamy visions of illustrator Nidhi Chanani. Peruse through her blog and experience the magical world she’s created. And then jump over to her page to stay on top of all the new work she comes up with – and there’s a lot.

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