Ken Graning Interview

It is my pleasure to present the autobiography and artwork of illustrator, Ken Graning. Ken Graning's impressive career as an illustrator spans an astonishing forty six years.

When It Comes To Logos These Companies Don't Play Around

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In March, Forbes reported that Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Corporation, is "one of the richest people on the planet".

Ed Fella Interview

Ed Fella is one of the most prominent graphic designers of our time, and as you can imagine, a conversation with Ed Fella is both inspiring and enlightening

The Amazing Illustrations and Sketches of J.R. Mounger

Artist and designer J.R. Mounger has a passion for illustration and you sure can tell by the artwork he creates.

An Interview with Art Licensing Consultant, Maria Brophy

I first learned of Maria's work last year, when I featured the artwork of surf lifestyle artist, Drew Brophy, here on Illustration Pages - I've been a loyal fan and avid follower of both ever since.



Drawing Inspiration: Hans Memling [ο]

Illustration by Owen Schumacher

Painter / Giant of Medieval Painting
Wounded in war and nursed to health by The Knights Hospitaller
Studied under Van Der Weyden
Painted the best Last Judgment
Hans Memling
Wikipedia Bio

Drawing Inspiration: Francisco Goya [ξ]

Illustration by Owen Schumacher

Painter / Printmaker / "The Sleep of Reason..."
Became deaf mid-career from... lead paint?
An artist in protest
Died alone, leaving his Black Paintings
Francisco Goya
Wikipedia Bio

Dreamy Plaid Noir: The Paintings Of Kris Knight

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

Who are these moody 20-somethings lazing around an icy North American wilderness, and why do I find them so fascinating?

The truly odd and delicate paintings of Toronto-based artist Kris Knight are a decidedly strange brew: vague David Lynchian narratives, evocative teenage poutiness, boo!-inducing landscapes, aesexual things that go bump in the night—heck!—even cable-knit sweaters. But as the first guy to pour maple syrup on his breakfast links came to find out, weird combos are often, surprisingly or not, the most interesting of all. Kris' paintings have that "syrup on sausage for the first time" effect.

So before we take in any more of Knight's maple leaf mysteries, be sure to follow the man's wonderful Flickr stream. See you at the abandoned cabin!

Hooray for Illustrated Covers

ComputerArts CoverPoetry Magazine, April 2008Cover_w1n5t0nJapan, 1924 magazinePoetry Magazine, July/August 2008The little golden calf (illustration)
Poetry Magazine, February 2008cover RUSSIAN LIFE  magazineJapan, 1940 magazinecover MALPENSANTE magazineLéonard a une sensibilité de gaucheCover
UNEP Report Cover IllustrationAutoChic Cover Illustration1961, cover illustration by Igor Kostka for Kmotor na čerešni by Štefan SaboBUPL/ Børn & Unge Cover Illustrationimorgen/rambøll01 children's book from Iran (Long Neck Deer by Djamsheed Sepahi , illustrated by Yoota Azargeen)
Whimsical & Fun Illustration Covers, a gallery on Flickr.

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Don't tell me you want to see a photograph in this collection. Here they are all illustrated covers and all fantastically fun! Hooray for the illustrators who created them!

Most of them are living, working freelance illustrators. They are from all around the world, creating illustrations in different countries.

Make sure you click on your favorites to see more illustrations by each illustrator.

Artist Kristina Nelson - Changing the Way We See Art... And Something Else

Contributed by Lou Simeone

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Artist Kristina Nelson has spent years - many hundreds of hours - honing her skills as a crayon artist.

Wait a minute!

Yes, go ahead. Read that first line again. Kristina Nelson is a crayon artist.

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson has created the art featured here - and numerous other pieces - using  the same simple, ordinary crayons that children use in their coloring books. But as you can clearly see, there is nothing simple nor ordinary about what Kristina creates with this medium.

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina earned a degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She then spent a year studying under Don Marco, one of the few and foremost crayon artists in the world, and later, set off to open her own studio.

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

In addition to selling prints of her crayon art, Kristina also accepts commissions. In the photos shown above you can see Kristina working in her studio on a commissioned crayon portrait of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina Nelson crayon artist

Kristina's artwork is inspiring on multiple levels - the obvious is the demonstrated skill - another is ingenuity. It takes an inventive, resourceful, and extremely patient individual to transform a simple yet difficult medium such as crayons into something that could be perceived as having been created with the finest quality oils. You know what it's like when you color with crayon in different directions. It looks as if a madman was turned loose on an innocent sheet of paper. When you look at Kristina's art, it's as if she has tamed a wild horse - broken the beast of its chaotic, unpredictable nature, enabling it to become a gentle creature one can journey freely with and connect with emotionally.

When you look at a field of dandelions do you disregard them as nothing but weeds and move on, or do you see a field of beautiful, yellow flowers and stop to take in their beauty? A moment taken to pause today can change many years that follow.

How many of us have seen crayons as that field of beautiful, yellow flowers?

Purchase Kristina Nelson's art prints.

Commission Kristina Nelson to create an original crayon drawing.

L Filipe dos Santos: Quick And Purty

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

What do you do when you find an amazing artist like L Filipe dos Santos (or Corcoise, as he seems to prefer), but almost everything written about him is in Portuguese? Answer: You let his amazing art do all the talking for you.

Still, before you take in Dos Santos' elegant, fast-and-loose drawings, be sure to follow his blog—on which he thankfully writes in Portuguese and English—as well as his Flickr stream.

A Series of Children's Illustrator Interviews

Illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal has a series of four interviews planned this month on her blog. The series is well under way with two interviews having been conducted already. Juana promises the interviews will be very informative with topics on technique, the industry, books, likes, dislikes and everything related to being a children's illustrator. For more information about the interviews click here...

To read the interview with children’s book author and illustrator, Molly Idle, click here...

To read the interview with children’s book author and illustrator, Mikela Prevost, click here...

To find out how to submit your news to Illustration Pages click here.

Making A Living With Drawing: The Illustrations of Lauren Nassef

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Yiddishlands 2fall-red-largeCracking UpJohn Kirk Townsend, Bird CollectorBrothers & Beastsnytimes mag, year in ideas illustration - subscription artists
Bourdieu's Secret Admirer...bearded man (encyclopedia britannica)Some Day Your Witch...krazy kat treehouseAndrey Avinoff, Butterfly CollectorNY Times Illustration
hurdlersAnalyzing Animal SocietiesMr. A.C.D. Pain, Gem CollectorLove and the Incredibly...suckling-pig-etsyDuchess, Shell Collector

Chicago based freelance illustrator, Lauren Nassef, graduated from RISD and has an impressive list of clients (including the NY Times, Restoration Hardware and University of Chicago Press.) That's about all I can find out about her, but I know her work is very impressive and that she makes a living from her wonderful drawings. Check out her website and Flickr photo stream for more simple and satisfying drawings.

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