Evolution of an Illustration Master, Harry Borgman: Part V - Developing an Illustration

In this article I'd like to explain how I conceived and painted an illustration for a Paris based ad agency, M.A.O., Akjaly, Stollerman. This will give you an idea of the various stages an artist goes through when doing an illustration. The client was Sogitec Industries. Sogitec does work for French aircraft companies, oil refineries, the national railroad, the French space program and even the Louvre, producing training programs and storing information.

In order to show the great diversification of Sogitec Industries' work, we decided to do a kind of montage illustration that would allow us to show many things. I had no language barriers in the agency because one of the ad agency owners and Creative Director was Ray Stollerman, an American living in Paris. Stollerman had seen a brochure I once produced for Texstar Corporation and felt the design quality of those illustrations would also work well for this Sogitec ad.

This is one of the many preliminary sketches I did to establish the elements and composition of the illustration. Even though this is a very rough sketch, I had to do some research on the various elements shown.

Here are my first color sketches, while roughly done; they still give a good impression of what the final ad will look like. These would be too loose to present to Sogitec but they were fine to show to the Creative Director. He was easily able to visualize what I had in mind.

The client decided they would rather show one of the latest French fighter jets instead of a commercial jet liner. This is the comprehensive layout that was shown to the client for approval before I started the finished illustration.

This is the finished illustration with all of the changes the client requested. The illustration was done by first drawing with a graphite pencil, and then going over the pencil with diluted India ink. The color was added using washes of watercolors and dyes. In some areas I painted with opaque paint.

Here is the finished magazine ad. There were additional changes requested by the client and the Creative Director. I had to change the position of the cameraman and also add color behind the refinery.

And that was the final installment for the biography and career retrospective of Harry Borgman. Once again I'd like to thank Harry for taking the time to put this together for us. It certainly was an honor to have him featured on Illustration Pages. I really hope you enjoyed this special series on artist, Harry Borgman. Don't forget to read our other interviews also.


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