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Illustration Pages would like to take this opportunity to thank all the folks that have supported this site to date. The following artists have shown their support by linking back to Illustration Pages from their websites and or blogs. Please take some time to visit their sites.

Graphic Designers

Lou Simeone Design
Jeff Fisher's blogomotives
Leighton Hubbell's Website
Art and Design by Janet Allinger
A3 Design | Coop's Loop
Live From Bklyn
Kimberly Kuprijanow | KupiArt


Lou Simeone Art Blog | Samalou too
Melissa Kojima | Artist In LA LA Land
Winning the Polyglottery!
Tom Hovey Skecthbook
Illustrator Ale Mercado
Artist and Designer, J.R. Mounger
Yuliya Art, Golden Section
A Love of Drawing
Moongazing Hare Illustration
Illustrator Katrina Kopeloff
Shaw Nielsen Illustration
Sean Christian Dampier Illustration
Illustrator Julie Fortenberry
Jennifer Thermes: Art, Words, Life
Illustrator Marcus Cutler's illobits
Paul Garland Illustration
Illustrator Aaron Blecha
Illustrator Farhana Nicholson
Illustrator Eddy Crosby
Illustration by Inkymole
Michael Slack | Slackart
Illustrator Lawrence Cox
Tali Gal-on | Milk and Cookies
Ingvard The Terrible
The Wishing Tree
Mark Draws Illustration Blog
The Portfolio of Jack Clabough
Marion Eldridge News
Illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal
Walter Tulp Illustrator
Phil Evans Illustration
Cathi's Commentary
Wonderful Wonderland
Harry Borgman's Art Blog
Art by Andy Bauer
Carmen Ortiz | Daily Inspirations of a Freelance Illustrator
Sonia's Corner
Dewi Isn Fadhilah | TweedleDew


Celeste Bergin Painter
Charles Kaufman
Artist Katy Betz Studio
Lund Art
Mike Cressy Art & Paint

Industry Websites

HOW Design
Illustration Friday Blog
Escape From Illustration Island
Misspato: Inspiring Websites
Web Design Degree
Online Schools
Cartoons For Licensing


She's SO Creative
Scratchboard Artist Cathy Sheeter
Nate's Art Pad
Tommy Kane's Art Blog
Really Accessible Memory
Alesko Griffe - Exit Man
Laci Morgan's Art Blog
Traci Chan: Art
Sketches by Matt
Emily Shaw | Fine Art Student Portfolio Blog
Elizabeth Rose Stanton | PensPaper Studio

Tattoo Artists

Jason Pedersen Tattoos

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  1. Many thanks to Illustration Pages!

  2. you guys always have great stuff to read and get involved with! keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the link and the mention. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks, Leighton - really appreciate it.

  5. So happy i stumbled upon this site, am looking forward to all the great illustration entries.


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