Through the Eyes of An Artist: Evolution of an Illustration Master, Harry Borgman

All this week On Illustration Pages we'll be featuring the remarkable career of Harry Borgman, presented in a time line format, written by the artist himself. Throughout this incredible journey you'll have the opportunity to see the art of Harry Borgman, from present day - going as far back as his early childhood years. We hope you enjoy this rare retrospective of Harry Borgman's art and illustrations, as seen through the eyes of the artist.

I’d like to thank Harry for putting this all together for Illustration Pages. Harry’s feature is a culmination of many hours of collaboration between he and I - the result is a written record of the career of an artist who was a giant in the field of advertising and one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time. I’m proud that it’s been documented right here on Illustration Pages.

Introduction by Lou Simeone

Harry Borgman is an artist whose professional career has embraced both the commercial and fine art worlds. He worked for many years as a graphic designer and illustrator before joining the advertising agency Campbell- Ewald in Detroit, where he was head art director on the Chevrolet account designing catalogs, sales promotion material, and later the magazine ads. He has won many awards for his graphic design work and illustrations. After several years working in- agency, Borgman decided he wanted the creative versatility to be found only in freelancing. He worked for major clients in Detroit, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As a teacher he was Chairman of the Advertising Department at the Society of Arts and Crafts (now the College for Creative Studies) in Detroit. His courses included advertising design, illustration and cartooning.

 In 1977 he decided to move to Europe and settled in Paris, France where he soon established himself as an artist for the top advertising agencies there. He also worked in the fine arts and exhibited regularly in all of the major French painting salons He also worked in Vienna, Austria, creating automotive campaigns. He was hired by Lintas to teach layout rendering to their art staffs in Jakarta, Singapore as well as in Madrid.

After several years in Europe he moved to New York City where he spent ten years working in advertising doing illustrations and various graphic design projects. He also did much work in the fine arts doing paintings and sculpture which were exhibited in the Allen Wincor Gallery. He now lives in Sawyer, Michigan and devotes his full time to fine art projects.

Several years ago he discovered the infinite possibilities of digital art and continues to test the limits of the computer as an art medium. In addition, he sculpts a variety of subjects in wood, designs metal and wood constructions. He has exhibited his digital prints, paintings and sculpture in galleries, art centers and museums.

He has written several art technique books that were published by Watson-Guptill Publications, including “Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques”, which has recently been reprinted by Dover Publications. His recent books are “Art Therapy” a book of his cartoons about the fine art world, “Surrealities”, a book of his photomontages, and “digital Dreams” a book that explores the computer as an art medium.


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