Wardell Brown Gets Creative With "GET D!RAWN"

It's difficult for artists to come up with ways to attract visitors and "followers" to their Facebook pages. There's no doubt about it. After all, artists don't have the budgets big companies have to offer contests, hold sweepstakes or have elaborate Facebook apps built. Admittedly it can be down right frustrating to come up with ideas to generate traffic to your page.

But if you bend your noodle long and hard you can come up with some great ideas. Take illustrator Wardell Brown as an example. His idea is simple, but effective and fun. He uses his natural talent to attract people to his Facebook page. Who would have thunk it?

Every Friday Wardell selects one person to draw from photos submitted to him, and that drawing is posted the following Monday on his blog and Facebook page. Simple right? He calls it, GET D!RAWN. All you have to do is send your picture to him for consideration, and include your Facebook profile name or Twitter profile name. There are a few basic rules you must follow in order to be selected - one of them being the obvious - you must follow Wardell on Twitter and/or follow his Facebook page. Wardell started this back in October of 2010, and it seems to have been pretty successful for him. He's completed several drawings to date and has 390 followers as of the writing of this article. It doesn't hurt that Wardell is a very talented illustrator. But we all know from expereince that talent alone doesn't always move you into the spotlight. Creative marketing helps. Wardell Brown seems to have a pretty good handle on both.

Remember - be creative and have fun with it. And when you come up with a great idea that's attracting followers to your page, drop us a line to tell us about it.


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