10 Type Designers and Type Foundries Every Graphic Designer and Illustrator Should Know About

Most of us know we can buy great fonts at places like Veer, Adobe and P22. And it's more than likely you've heard of great font designers like Tom Nikosey, Michael Doret and Gerard Huerta. Today Illustration Pages is offering up a list of additional type designers and type foundries you might not be as familiar with or even know of at all… that is until now.

Brian J. Bonislawsky | Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Comic Book Fonts

Rian Hughes | Device Fonts

Stuart Sandler | Font Diner

Jonathan Hoefler | Hoefler & Free-Jones Typography

Jill Bell | Brand Lettering

Chuck Davis | Letterhead Fonts

Mark Simonson Studio

David Berlow & Harry Parker | The Font Bureau

Jim Parkinson | Parkinson Type Design


  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! Have been checking them out and will definitely add a few of these to my go-to bookmarks :)


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