Desktop Gremlins unleashes the FRIENDLINS

Friendlins are the world’s first never-ending “social” papercraft toys! Above you'll see a multitude of unique FREE Friendlins available for download. If you look carefully, you’ll discover that many of them look just like you and your friends! Friendlins have a nameplate that can be "tagged" with names so you know which monster represents which person in your life. And Friendlins have "link" slots so you can chain as many of them together as your heart desires! But that's not all! The Friendlin base also has bonus slots for inserting special “charms” to display what type of relationship two Friendlins have!

There are two different ways to download Friendlins. You can download Friendlins individually and your construction sheet can also be used to make a papercraft CARD to send to your friends so they can start their own Friendlin chain! The finished card will fit inside 4-3/8 x 5-3/4 inch envelopes (available at all office stores). Individual download sheets also feature some really neat ideas about HOW to present your card to your friends. If you're already familiar with how the Friendlins work and you just need to add some monsters to your chain, you can download a 3-pack construction sheet that only contains characters (not a card).

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