Give Me Some Skin With Tattoo Artist Abey Alvarez

California tattoo artist Abey Alvarez is creating some seriously amazing artwork on the skin of his clients. Not only are his portraits mind blowing but check out some of the full scenes this man composes - the realism will flip you out. What Abey Alavarez can do on the human body any artist would be proud to be able to do on canvas. Even if you're someone that's not into tattoos you cannot deny the sheer talent of this man and his ability as an artist. You have to respect his artistic integrity and skill alone .

Abe Alvarez works out of Lowrider Tattoo in California with a crew of other gifted artists. Lowrider Tattoo has earned over 150 awards worldwide and continues to excel with the help and support of all its fans and true tattoo collectors. Recognized internationally as one of the best tattoo studios in the world, Lowrider Tattoo has made their mark - literally. They’ve received international acclaim from magazines worldwide and their work speaks for itself.


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