Life is Good with Artist Drew Brophy

Contributed by Lou Simeone

Drew Brohy's art balances between fantasy and reality. It's a world somewhere between sunsets and skulls, where rolling waves morph into dragon's wings, where stories are told using uninhibited wisps of color and fearless creativity. His world is one of inner peace and artistic freedom. Living an artist's dream out in San Clemente, California, Drew is known as a professional surf lifestyle artist and defines his job simply as "making things look cool." And cool they are. Is there anything that isn't cool about dragons, skulls, whacked out sea creatures and dudes surfing big crashing waves?

Drew not only paints on canvas, he also lays down his colors on surf boards, guitars, skateboards, t-shirts, wakeboards and just about any other surface screaming for color and life. Drew Brophy defines what it is to be a successful artist, businessman and individual. He has made his paintings available for licensing and currently is partnered with over thirty great companies to create unique products with his art. In addition, Drew is a man that gives back. He helps other artists find success, through workshops and sharing information on his art and business blog. Drew has guided many artists by sharing his own life lessons.

Drew has created thousands of paintings over the years, which has led him to develop a distinct style of bright colors and energy that has become well recognized. Every image of Drew’s art begins life as a painting, created in his California studio. Drew’s original paintings are available to collectors through art shows and online sales.

Drew’s inspiration comes from the adventures of traveling and surfing the globe with his wife and son. He paints the lifestyle they live, one filled with peeling waves, sun-swept beaches and the simple joys that life has to offer. Drew’s mission is “to inspire generations of people to live the life of their dreams.” He strives to be an example and show the world the good life through his artwork. His mantra is “Life is Good,” and it is.


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