The Other Reality as Depicted by Artist Brandt Hardin

Brandt Hardin is a talented artist with a flair for the unusual - sometimes shocking and often disturbing. There's a hint of surrealism in his art with a heavy dose of graffiti, peppered with a dash of expressionism. Brandt's art tells the story of society's self indulgence, its violent unrest and the crushing isolation and loneliness of its individuals - issues that plague our modern day world. The outcome of these stories is left to his viewers. Tragedy looms heavy over many of Brandt Hardin's subjects, these accidental, freakish characters, plucked from reality, struggling to cope with the harshness of the environment that has been forced upon them. Who are these disturbed individuals and what will come of them? Are you sympathetic to their plight or do you condemn them for who they are or what they seem to be?

Art provokes thought, seeks to find answers and brings light where there was darkness. What you take away from Brandt Hardin's art is something all your own - the experience will be as unique as you. But rest assured - you will take something away with you. That much is certain.

Brandt Hardin is a predominantly self-taught artist living and working out of Clarksville, Tennessee. He describes his style similar to that of Pop Surrealism also known as Lowbrow art.


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