High On Lowbrow - The Poster Art of Jason Cooper

Born in a small conservative town in the Bible Belt of the Deep South, artist Jason Cooper was raised on a steady diet of KISS, movie monsters, punk rock, skateboarding and heavy metal. It’s no surprise then that this unusual paradox led his artistic endeavors into the unorthodox world of blotter acid art, rock posters, tattoo art and other underground forms of self-expression.

Combining his lowbrow style and often dark humor with his interests in religious iconography and erotica, Jason forges his own path in a world of safe and stagnate art to create emotionally challenging works which invoke the visual senses to examine the always present — and sometimes uncomfortable — under layer of motive and meaning.

Jason's screen printed posters can be found around the world, in galleries from San Francisco to Manchester, and on display at Hard Rock Cafe restuarants everywhere. He also participates regularly in solo and group exhibitions, which have included Grasping at Straws (2001), The Meat Annex (2002), Artifacts of the Improbable (2002), Mundo Gigantico del Rock (2003), Complimentary Headache (2004), and Graphic Noise (2005), and has been an active participant in the Flatstock shows, which take place annually in both Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

Jason has provided illustrations for clients such as MTV, Steel Skin, and various record labels. His work has been featured in numerous magazines, including the cover of Altercation and a feature in Tattoo Savage, as well as in books such as The Art of Modern Rock by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King, The Art of Electric Frankenstein, by Sal Canzonieri and Panda Meat by Frank Kozik.


  1. Work is surreal, figurative, abstract and neo-expressionist. The photos are full of eagerness, tartness and sourness. REAL Art!


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