Kupi - A Graphic Designer With FLAIR

So who exactly is Kupi? She is Kimberly Kuprijanow, a Graphic Designer for the independent music scene in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Kimberly - also know as Kupi, is a lover of music. She helps to elevate and market distinctive music artists. She comes from a family of musicians and artists, and has developed a great ear for music since childhood. Through teachings and experiences, she has acquired a keen sense of the business as well. Kupi has built a solid reputation as a fast, reliable creative professional who delivers quality work. She has designed flyers, CD & LP packaging, various ads, and promotional items for The Knitting Factory, Downtown Recordings, !K7 Records, BBE Records, SoulSpazm Records, and tons more. Some of her  work has been featured in the magazines Rinse, XXL, The Source, URB, Vice & Elemental, Wax Poetics, and Scratch,... and the work never stops.

Kupi is originally from Paterson, New Jersey but lived in Savannah, Goergia for 9 years. There she went to college earning a BFA in Graphic Design from The Savannah College of Art & Design. She began designing flyers for random hip hop shows during her 1999 internship in New York City. This prompted her to move back to New Jersey in 2002 to do more of the same type of work and it's been a non-stop roller coaster ride ever since. Until recently, she was a Graphic Designer for the event planning magazine empire BIZBASH MEDIA in New York. There she helped design special marketing materials for BizBash Magazine and promotional materials for their expos and trade shows for event and party planners in the New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington D.C., and Chicago areas. Before that Kupi was the Graphic Design Production Manager for Studio Distribution, until they closed in March of 2006 (thanks for all your illegal downloads people!)

By 2010 Kupi had developed quite a name for herself. Kupi's clients are rarely ever dissatisfied with her creations and know they can always count on her. Although a bit older than the newbies coming into this music thing, she knows how much the industry has changed over the last few years and is branching out into new territories. She recently launched her novelty button collection called KupiFLAIR. Everything from funky little phrases to cool designs made by Kupi herself. It's just a start but there's no telling where this can lead.

"I think artwork has been an afterthought. Yes, the musician does great things, but it's our job to make them seen. In most cases, before they hear you, they see you." - Kupi

To find out more about KupiArt and all of her creations, visit kupiart.com.


  1. Dope write-up. KupiArt is the illest!!! EVER!!!

  2. So glad to see her on here- I'm familiar with her work and I've always thought she was one of the most talented yet underrated designers on the scene. Looking forward to seeing more from her in the future.

  3. I agree - KupiArt is an awesome addition to the IP site. Definitely visit her site and check out more of her work.

  4. Kupi equals Awesomeness... That is all

  5. Wow - Kupi isn't short on fans - that's for sure.

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