Reaching Out to the People of Japan from Graphic Designer David Landis

My thoughts have been constantly reaching out to Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 3, 2011. I watch the reports on television and read the newspapers documenting the disaster. My heart goes out to everyone affected by tragedy.

As in all natural disasters, it is human nature to jump into action. Do we flee, fight, assist?

Soon the questions started coming from my own children about, "What would we do if a tsunami came to our house?" Well, how do we answer that, really? I'm not on the coastline, so the easy answer is to just report the facts. But the bigger answer is to explain how we must all assist our fellow man in any disaster. Of course, as a paper-craft artist inspiration strikes for me in the form of art and paper.

I encourage you to reach out and jump into action YOURSELF. There are many ways you can help. CNN has a page set up called "Impact Your World." Also, keep an eye out for local events. We can make a difference.

Download and display this special papercraft to show support of Japan and the trials they face.

David Landis is president and manager of Landis Productions in Richmond, Virginia. He started Landis Productions 15 years ago to provide expert creative solutions to clients in a graphic design "studio" format for local, national and international clients. David does a little bit of everything ranging from magazine layout, corporate branding and packaging solutions to web page, multimedia and product design.


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