3 x 3 Magazine Illustration Survey: Take It and See How Our Industry is Doing

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

3x3 Magazine

3x3 Magazine Illustrator Paul Blow
Illustration by Paul Blow

If you're an illustrator, graphic designer or teacher of designers and illustrators, you might have been contacted recently by 3x3 Magazine to participate in an online survey. They conduct this survey annually to see how the design and illustration industries are doing. I feel it's important to take the survey - in the end - it helps us all to gain a better understanding of what's going on in our industry. It asks things like what was your income last year and and how much of it came from illustration commissions. Know it is completely confidential and anonymous. So if you're asked to participate - please do so. Thank you in advance.

Check out the results of a 3x3 survey conducted last year...


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