Disney Pixar Movie Logos, Typography, Letterforms and Type Treatments

Contributed by Lou Simeone

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Logo

Sometimes inspiration is right under your nose. How many of us have Disney Pixar movies around the house? Have you taken a gander at the typography treatments and logos for some of these movies? Like the movies they represent these type treatments and letterforms are playful, creative and downright impressive. We've taken the liberty of assembling a few of them here. If you're designing a logo and looking for inspiration or just a lover of type - or both - you'll enjoy the collection below. Do you have suggestions that aren't featured below, let us know in the comments. We'd love to check them out.

Disney Pixar Wall E Logo

Disney Pixar Up Logo

Disney Pixar Tron Logo

Disney Pixar Tron Logo

Disney Pixar The Incredibles Logo

Disney Pixar Tangled Logo

Disney Pixar The Princess and the Frog Logo

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Logo

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Logo

Disney Pixar Despicable Me Logo

Disney Pixar Coraline Logo

Disney Pixar A Bugs Life Logo

Disney Pixar Bolt Logo

Disney Pixar Cars Logo


  1. Great selection of logos. Their design is very good and inspiring. Other great additions are the logos from Aristocats, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean and Enchanted. Also I wanted to point out to you that two logos that you feature here are not from Disney or Pixar movies. Coraline is from Focus Features and Despicable Me is from Universal Studios.

  2. Thanks HenrikeD - and thanks for the heads up on the Coraline and Despicable me logos - someone pointed that out when we mentioned this post on FB - LOL


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