Drawings: Inspired by Life, Dorian Vallejo

Drawings: Inspired by Life, Dorian Vallejo

Born in New York City on March 1, 1968, Dorian Vallejo's passion for drawing came at an early age. Inspired by his father, the fantasy artist and illustrator Boris Vallejo, Dorian had pencil in hand by the age of three and was working as a professional illustrator before reaching college age, regularly producing covers for Marvel Comics and numerous paperback novels. Today, he is one of the most accomplished and versatile portrait painters in the United States, creating everything from traditional commissioned oil portraits and sketches to pencil drawings and intimate life portraits.

For Dorian Vallejo, drawing is an integral part of the creative process. The drawings selected for this volume represent some of the work he does from life. They offer a glimpse of his art done solely for the pleasure of creative research and the visual expression of ideas.

In part, they owe their roots to the centuries old tradition of academic figure drawing. However, they are not a strict adherent of any school in particular. Instead, that tradition is used as a point of departure.

Here we view drawings that seek to capture visually, a distinct feeling, tone or mood. In some cases the figure is used in a symbolic manner, hinting at phases or streams of conscious awareness that are present as we trail off into sleep. In other cases the symbolism is a visual interpretation of the dual nature of our existence. Still, other drawings are experiments in movement and over lapping forms. Also represented, are several gestures that display the characteristic beauty inherent in the tangible expressions of rapid creation.

In this collection of drawings are many avenues of thought allowing for a view into the birth of ideas that may later become paintings. One consistently present element is Vallejo's appreciation for the beauty of life and the feminine in particular. With rare exception his subjects in this volume are all women represented in the bloom of youth. There is a feeling that these beautiful young women who paused for a brief moment to be immortalized, in spite of the ever changing flux of life, will grace us with the memory of their essence, like the flowers of spring.

In every one of these drawings is clearly a mind wholly, completely and faithfully committed to the pursuit of excellence. This book, the first devoted to the artwork of Dorian Vallejo will be a treasured prize in the libraries of all who love art.


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