Drew Struzan: Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Poster Art DVD

Drew Struzan Hellboy movie poster art

Drew Struzan is known for his more than 150 movie posters, which include all the films in the Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Star Wars film series. He has also painted for a long line of musical artists, including Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Roy Orbison, Black Sabbath, Glenn Miller, Iron Butterfly, Bach, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Liberace. Among these, Struzan illustrated the album cover artwork for Alice Cooper's, Welcome to My Nightmare, which Rolling Stone Magazine voted one of the "Top 100 Album Covers Of All Time".

Now for the first time Drew has produced a full featured DVD that shows him working, conceiving, drawing, and painting his original movie poster art for Hellboy. In it he reveals his entire process: concepts, drawing, painting, rendering - explaining everything in full detail.


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