House Industries Introduces Photo-Lettering

House Industries Photolettering.com

PHOTOLETTERING.COM is a new service that allows you to create, modify and purchase headlines from an easy-to-use online interface. Since acquiring the Photo-Lettering collection in 2003, House Industries has been digitizing and, more importantly, working to recreate the attention to detail that the original staff dedicated to each headline. Photolettering.com brings this level of quality and accessibility to casual and professional users alike.

At $7 for a single headline and monthly subscriptions for as low as $15 per month, photolettering.com is an inexpensive yet high quality alternative for display typography and lettering needs. Photolettering.com alphabets include many extended features not possible in conventional digital fonts and each purchased setting has few licensing restrictions. There’s no purchase necessary to play with photolettering.com, so give it a try!

To find out how to submit your news to Illustration Pages click here.


  1. house of industries really a big help to all.their contribution of giving people the art for their home is really fantastic.surely a lot of people really want to know some more ideas from house industries.they have a good design, carefully-engineered typography and professionally-drawn lettering.thanks for sharing this post!


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