The Artwork of Our Illustration Pages Facebook Fans

There's a bunch of great art that's posted everyday to the Illustration Pages Facebook page. Today we'e highlighting the work of a few of our Facebook fans. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support.

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Let's explore the work of our fellow artists...

Alex Wijnen

Alex is Principal and designer of Defteling Design and holds a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Mass Communication from Drake University and an Associate's degree from Lane Community College. She's also an accomplished fine artist and has on occasion incorporated watercolor paintings and pen-and-ink drawings into her clients' work.

See more of Alex Wijen's art and design at:
Defteling Design
Defteling Design Blog
Alex Wijen's Etsy Store

Carmen Ortiz

Carmen is a Spanish self-taught artist born in Bilbao in 1971. She grew up watching classic films and listening to music, which have influenced her illustrations. She has taken part in many exhibitions and her pencil portraits have appeared on several magazines and blogs.

See more of Carmen Ortiz's art at:
Carmen Ortiz Website
Carmen Ortiz Behance Portfolio
Black and White Camrne Oriz on issuu

Chiara Vercesi

Chiara was born in Milan 1984. She lives in Italy, willing to travel. Chiara uses many different techniques and styles because she feels that always doing the same thing is doing a boring thing.

See more of Chiara Vercesi's art at:
Chiara Vercesi Website

Chris Kennett

Chris Kennett is a freelance animator and illustrator living in Bendigo, Australia.

See more of Chris Kennett's animation and illustration at:
The Chris Kennett Blog
The Alpha Monsters Blog
Chris Kennett on Facebook

Daniel Swartz

Daniel Swartz has a a simple philosophy when it comes to illustration:  Do something INCREDIBLE. He began freelancing in 2003 and has had the opportunity to work in publishing, editorial, entertainment, and advertising markets. His work has twice caught the eye of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and was exhibited in their Annual show in both 2009 and 2010.

See more of Daniel Swartz's illustration work at:
Daniel Swartz Illustration Website
Counting In The Kitchen - Daniel Swartz ebook
Daniel Swartz on Facebook

Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Elizabeth Rose Stanton is an illustrator trained in architecture, art history, and scientific illustration. She currently works in illustration, portraiture and fine art, with a concentration on children's book and editorial illustration.

See more of Elizabeth Rose Stanton's art at:
The Art & Illustration of Elizabeth Stanton

Karen Mounsey Smith

Karen Mounsey-Smith is an illustrator and graphic designer specializing in capturing the essence of both people and animals, from all walks of life. Karen was born in England and raised in New Zealand where she studied Visual Communication Design at the Massey University School of Design. These days Karen can be found in her studio, located in Queensland Australia, illustrating childrens' picture books and educational textbooks, postage stamps and various other projects.

See more of Karen Mounsey-Smith's illustrations at:
Gidgeymo Illustrations

Rebekah J Foord

Rebekah Foord works with paper and collage. She enjoys bringing a vintage style to her work and often uses a limited color palette to make it more stylized. She uses a combination of paper, fabric, acrylic and gouache. Rebekah tries to bring a little quirkiness to all her work and will often design a series of pieces around one theme or character in order to tell a story.

See more of Rebekah Foord's illustrations at:
Rebekah Foord Illustration


  1. I really like the work of Daniel Swartz. I have seen his stuff before on the cover of "Bookmarks" and it is always really creative. I would like to see more of his work in the future. - Elizabeth

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