The Humorous Elegance of Gluyas Williams

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

Gluyas Williams IllustrationGluyas Williams was a turn-of-the-century illustrator whose work often appeared in the New Yorker, as well as many other publications of his time, such as Life and Collier's. While studying at Harvard, Gluyas was a member of the famous Harvard Lampoon. Later in his career, he illustrated a number of novels for various authors, including Edward Streeter's, Daily Except Sundays (1938) and Father of the Bride (1949).

Williams was known for his lucid line and minimalist, black-and-white execution, partly inspired by 19th century artist, Aubrey Beardsley. Here are some terrific excerpts from The Gluyas Williams Gallery (1959), a charming collection of some of his best work.


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