Leo Hershfield: Making His Marx

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

Leo Hershfield was an eminent cartoonist, as well as one of the great courtroom illustrators of the '50s and '60s. NBC News called him the "Dean of Courtroom Artists," depending on him for many of the great courtroom dramas of the time, including those of infamous assassins Jack Ruby and James Earl Ray.

Hershfield's breezy, confident line work graced more than 50 books, including H. Allen Smith's Low and Inside (1949), Richard Armour's Golf Is a Four-Letter Word (1962), and—of course!—Groucho's womanizing tell-all, Memoirs of a Mangy Lover (1963). Incidentally, Groucho wrote more books than one might think, and all are worth checking out. Whatever the case, here are some of Leo's loopiest. Enjoy!


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