Flashed Photography Group Exhibit - Illustrations and Live Painting

Brandt Hardin Flashed Photography

Brandt Hardin recently exhibited eight new pieces of art, combining his illustration with the photography of Chad Spann. The art was displayed at the group exhibition, Flashed Photography, at No Egrets Tattoo in Clarksville, Tennessee.

"Chad and I had been toying with the idea of some mixed media collaborations all year." Brandt Hardin explains "We wanted to take my illustrations and digitally incorporate them into some pics that Chad took. The idea sat on the back burner, making it's own gravy until this exhibit surfaced to provide us with a forum for our new-found idea."

See additional samples of the work, and some great shots of "live painting" with Brandt Hardin, Jeff Bertrand and Loyd Gant, at the DREG Studios art blog...

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