Nidhi Chanani's Everyday Love Collection - Pre-order available

Nidhi Chanani Illustration

Nidhi Chanani is pleased to announce the release of her first collection of art, Everyday Love. With over 90 images created between 2010-2011, it is a beautiful limited edition soft cover book. Pre-orders are now available and will come signed with an original drawing in the inside cover as well as a surprise gift. Only 50 pre-orders available. The collection can be purchased on Nidhi's etsy store here.

Nidhi Chanani Illustration

Nidhi began creating daily illustrations in 2009 and continues to do so today. She creates a new and fully composed digital illustration every week day and shares it via email, facebook and other social networks, she calls this daily illustration, Everyday Love. In the book you can see the themes of Nidhi's work, love, whimsy, and adventure.

Nidhi Chanani Illustration

Nidhi Chanani is a freelance artist and designer. Born in Calcutta and raised in suburban California. She currently draws and dreams in San Francisco. She creates cute art because it makes her happy - with hopes it can make others happy, too. As stated in the introduction to the collection, "In the rush and rhythm of daily life, I started to pause, laugh and appreciate... and the path to making people happy became clear."

Nidhi Chanani Illustration

The collection includes images for everyone, and it is evident that looking at Nidhi's work will make most anyone happy. For more information on Nidhi Chanani's work visit her website.

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