Origami Instructions Just Took an Evolutionary Leap: 3-D Illustrated Instructions

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Are you an origami enthusiast, but by no means an expert at it? Do you try to understand those illustrated instructions and think, "What are they trying to show me?" Do the little arrows sometimes confuse you? If you've done origami, you know what I mean. Sometimes, you're just not sure how to do the next fold with those 2-D instructions.

Joel Beckley Origami App

Even watching videos on how to do the folds can leave you feeling lost. The instructors fold too fast or don't show the underside, or something is just missing and you're thrown off track. What do you do?

Well, the 3-D illustrated origami instructions on this iPad application have just solved all your instruction problems. No more confusion with this super cool application. It lets you slow down each fold and move it in any direction to understand how to make the fold.

Joel Beckley Origami App

Joel Beckley Origami App

The video below shows how the application works. You are in control of how fast instructions go with the push of a button. Go forward or go back as often as you wish. They also come with illustrated origami paper that you can print on your computer. The pelican paper has feathers and eyes illustrated on it. The airplane paper has blue flames and orange to contrast them. Check it out on Joel Beckley's website....


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