Some of the Best Zines on Etsy

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Zine is short for magazine, and it can be a series of little books like a magazine or just a one-off. But all of them are handmade. The inexpensive ones are copied at the local mini-mart or Kinkos, and some are just printed at the zinester's home from a computer.

The subjects of zines are as wide and broad as the ocean. Some are comics. Some are diaries. Others give instructions how to do something, such as cooking a recipe. The variety of zines are fun and fascinating.

Here are a few of the best zines I found for sale on Etsy - and they include great illustrations. Click on the links below the photos to learn more about each one and to buy a copy.

Do you make zines too? Or is this a new sensation for you? If it is, you may want to make your own. Below are some inspiring ideas for your next creation.


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