FUZE - A Catalyst for Socially Conscious and Innovative Art

Call to Artists!

FUZE is accepting artist submissions for the upcoming season. FUZE is seeking artists with socially engaged work, who aim to foster dialogue and reflection and suggest innovative methods for social or political transformation.

Artist’s work will be reviewed for inclusion in salons featuring one to two artists’ work, where participants engage and contribute to artists and their future projects both monetarily and interactively. FUZE tailors events to fit the parameters of the artists’ particular goals, in order to foster engaging and meaningful artwork and turn good ideas into realities.

Submissions should include work samples, as well as anything that would help us to further understand you and your work, including personal statements, weblinks, project statements, or descriptions of intended projects.

Submissions are due July 31 by 11:59 PM EST

Visit FUZE website at www.fuzenyc.org

Contact FUZE at submissions@fuzenyc.org with your work.

Reach FUZE with any questions or contributions at info@fuzenyc.org

FUZE - A Catalyst for Socially Conscious and Innovative Art

About FUZE

FUZE is devoted to supporting artists, thinkers, and activists. We believe art has the power to inspire and challenge us, foster productive dialogue and reflection, and suggest innovative methods for social and political transformation. FUZE serves as a catalyst for socially conscious and creative people in pursuit of informed and innovative dialogue.

At FUZE we wish to discover and develop partnerships with people, projects, and organizations that share our mission. Through exhibitions, film screenings, round-table discussions and artist talks, we connect artists with donors, mentors, and thought-partners, and nurture an atmosphere devoted to knowledge and inspiration. We serve as a platform for artists, giving people the opportunity to learn more about the work of people engaged in meaningful and groundbreaking endeavors. Through our investment in these partnerships, and the connection of collaborators through intimate events attempting to inspire and foster deep and valuable connections, FUZE aims to turn good ideas into reality.

With this in mind, FUZE is a work in progress, always adapting to meet the needs of new projects as we work to create something momentous and exciting.

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