The Brush Behind Your Favorite Films: Drew Struzan

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

Quick! What's your favorite '80s movie? There's a pretty good chance veteran illustrator, Drew Struzan, painted the poster for it. Besides being the go-to guy for all the legendary Star Wars posters—the imagery of which seemed to be seared on our childhood minds with a hot iron... in the best way!—he also covered basically every other movie you liked, too. And aside from being a force in Hollywood's art department, he's done a ton of publishing and packaging graphics, as well. I oughta know: I played his version of Clue when I was younger. Hey, it's still in the closet! Some things are too dear to be sold on eBay.

Anyway, sit back, relax in your office chair and take a stroll—a figurative one... don't leave me now—through some of yours and my more youthful favorites.


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