Spooky Oldies From Reynold Brown

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

As we draw ever closer to the creepiest night of the year, it's only fitting to recall the classic horror movie posters of Reynold Brown. Aside from covering a lot of the silly schlock films of the '50s—Tarantula and I Was a Teenage Werewolf, anyone?—Brown also illustrated a number of noirish paper back covers, too, like author Erle Gardner's Silent Cover (1948) and Martha Albrand's After Midnight (1951).

Oh, and he also did the Ben-Hur poster—which to me is hands-down one of the great movie posters of all time. Just look at that epic, stony title ascending to the heavens. It stirs the soul!

Anyway, let Reynold give you some campy thrills this Halloween season. And as you wait for trick or treaters to ring the doorbell, cue The Time Machine on NetFlix while you're at it. The Eloi can't defeat the Morlocks on their own.


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