Making A Living With Drawing: The Illustrations of Lauren Nassef

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Yiddishlands 2fall-red-largeCracking UpJohn Kirk Townsend, Bird CollectorBrothers & Beastsnytimes mag, year in ideas illustration - subscription artists
Bourdieu's Secret Admirer...bearded man (encyclopedia britannica)Some Day Your Witch...krazy kat treehouseAndrey Avinoff, Butterfly CollectorNY Times Illustration
hurdlersAnalyzing Animal SocietiesMr. A.C.D. Pain, Gem CollectorLove and the Incredibly...suckling-pig-etsyDuchess, Shell Collector

Chicago based freelance illustrator, Lauren Nassef, graduated from RISD and has an impressive list of clients (including the NY Times, Restoration Hardware and University of Chicago Press.) That's about all I can find out about her, but I know her work is very impressive and that she makes a living from her wonderful drawings. Check out her website and Flickr photo stream for more simple and satisfying drawings.


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