Remember The Alamo...'s Posters

Contributed by Owen Schumacher

You could say he's the literal poster boy for the Alamo Drafthouse, a mostly Texas-based, beer-and-popcorn-splashing theater chain focusing on cinematic walks down memory lane. When Total Recall is long overdue for a re-screening, it necessarily follows an awesome poster herald its return. Tyler Stout gets you excited about what excited you ten, twenty and sometimes thirty years ago. This is his job, and to say he does it well is a whopping understatement.

These posters are gorgeous! With bright stained-glass colors and complex, sometimes dizzying masses of faces and props, each composition is a wild hierarchy of geeky insider details. Tyler really seems to capture and depict these movies with a film nerd's relish, which lends itself perfectly to the Alamo's angle as an unabashed, classic movie haven.

Enjoy these digital pics, but don't expect to snap up your own print anytime soon: Tyler's work is popular—good for him!—and almost all his posters are sold out at the moment. Stick to his site for any updates.


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