Ken Graning Interview

It is my pleasure to present the autobiography and artwork of illustrator, Ken Graning. Ken Graning's impressive career as an illustrator spans an astonishing forty six years.

When It Comes To Logos These Companies Don't Play Around

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In March, Forbes reported that Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Corporation, is "one of the richest people on the planet".

Ed Fella Interview

Ed Fella is one of the most prominent graphic designers of our time, and as you can imagine, a conversation with Ed Fella is both inspiring and enlightening

The Amazing Illustrations and Sketches of J.R. Mounger

Artist and designer J.R. Mounger has a passion for illustration and you sure can tell by the artwork he creates.

An Interview with Art Licensing Consultant, Maria Brophy

I first learned of Maria's work last year, when I featured the artwork of surf lifestyle artist, Drew Brophy, here on Illustration Pages - I've been a loyal fan and avid follower of both ever since.



Logo Design With The Talented Graphic Designer Kelly Hume

Kelly Hume Logo Design

Graphic designer Kelly Hume specializes in lettering, logos and graphic illustration for print, packaging, film, television and the internet. His clients include ad agencies, design firms, film studios and corporations throughout the United States and Canada.

Kelly Hume Logo Design
Angels Baseball Logo For Uniforms and Merchandising

Kelly Hume Logo Design
The Jaguar Amusement Park Ride Logo

Kelly Hume Logo Design
Disney Pixar A Bug's Life Logo (Look Familiar?)

Kelly Hume Logo Design
EagleFest Annual Festival Logo

Kelly was born and raised in Iowa and attended the University of Iowa for one year before moving to Los Angeles to complete his education at Art Center College of Design. His major in Advertising Illustration gave him a diverse understanding of advertising, illustration, typography and graphic design.

Kelly Hume Logo Design
The Wranglers Semi-Pro Hockey Team Logo

Kelly Hume Logo Design
Pizza Hut Deep Dish Pizza Logo

Kelly Hume Logo Design
Logo For A Denver Based Cosmetics Company For Women "On The Go"

Kelly Hume Logo Design
Turner, Lassen and Sawyer Law Firm Logo

Kelly Hume Logo Design
The New York Dragons Arena Football Team Logo

Upon graduation, Kelly worked at a print shop for one year, creating artwork and learning the trade of offset lithography. His freelance work, which began during college, became full time one year after graduation and has continued to grow ever since.

Drawing Inspiration: Marie Bashkirtseff [ι]

Illustration by Owen Schumacher

Painter / humble author of I Am the Most Interesting Book of All

Studied at the Académie Julian, one of the few schools to accept women at the time

Died of TB at 25

Tomb is a full-sized artist studio

Marie Bashkirtseff
Wikipedia Bio

María Caleis' New Work on Behance Network

Behance Network Fashion Illustration

Caleis is a self-taught illustrator from Spain, focused in handmade fashion illustration and portraits. See her fashionable pencil and watercolor artwork on the Behance Network...

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3 x 3 Magazine Illustration Survey: Take It and See How Our Industry is Doing

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

3x3 Magazine

3x3 Magazine Illustrator Paul Blow
Illustration by Paul Blow

If you're an illustrator, graphic designer or teacher of designers and illustrators, you might have been contacted recently by 3x3 Magazine to participate in an online survey. They conduct this survey annually to see how the design and illustration industries are doing. I feel it's important to take the survey - in the end - it helps us all to gain a better understanding of what's going on in our industry. It asks things like what was your income last year and and how much of it came from illustration commissions. Know it is completely confidential and anonymous. So if you're asked to participate - please do so. Thank you in advance.

Check out the results of a 3x3 survey conducted last year...

Disney Pixar Movie Logos, Typography, Letterforms and Type Treatments

Contributed by Lou Simeone

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Logo

Sometimes inspiration is right under your nose. How many of us have Disney Pixar movies around the house? Have you taken a gander at the typography treatments and logos for some of these movies? Like the movies they represent these type treatments and letterforms are playful, creative and downright impressive. We've taken the liberty of assembling a few of them here. If you're designing a logo and looking for inspiration or just a lover of type - or both - you'll enjoy the collection below. Do you have suggestions that aren't featured below, let us know in the comments. We'd love to check them out.

Disney Pixar Wall E Logo

Disney Pixar Up Logo

Disney Pixar Tron Logo

Disney Pixar Tron Logo

Disney Pixar The Incredibles Logo

Disney Pixar Tangled Logo

Disney Pixar The Princess and the Frog Logo

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Logo

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Logo

Disney Pixar Despicable Me Logo

Disney Pixar Coraline Logo

Disney Pixar A Bugs Life Logo

Disney Pixar Bolt Logo

Disney Pixar Cars Logo

House Industries Introduces Photo-Lettering

House Industries

PHOTOLETTERING.COM is a new service that allows you to create, modify and purchase headlines from an easy-to-use online interface. Since acquiring the Photo-Lettering collection in 2003, House Industries has been digitizing and, more importantly, working to recreate the attention to detail that the original staff dedicated to each headline. brings this level of quality and accessibility to casual and professional users alike.

At $7 for a single headline and monthly subscriptions for as low as $15 per month, is an inexpensive yet high quality alternative for display typography and lettering needs. alphabets include many extended features not possible in conventional digital fonts and each purchased setting has few licensing restrictions. There’s no purchase necessary to play with, so give it a try!

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Take Another Look At The Logos of Graphic Designer Arnas Goldbergas

Arnas Goldbergas (also known as Matto) is a self-taught graphic designer who creates wonderfully conceptual logos. Arnas has been working as a full-time freelancer since 2008. His work has appeared on various design web sites and also in design publications such as, Logo Talks and The Logo Nest 01.

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

inspirational logo design

Make sure you look closely at Arnas Goldbergas' logos. Like a surrealist painter Arnas likes to hide imagery inside imagery and the results are magical. So take your time when you look through these optical delights. Are you certain you caught all the hidden visuals? You might want to scroll back up for another look.

Paul Weiner Creates Illustrations for Yow Canada Inc.

Paul has completed several full color electronic illustrations for Yow Canada Inc. The illustrations will appear on the company's website along with information about  "Work Place Violence and Harassment." Check out Paul Weiner's blog for more information...

Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine Free to See Online

contributed by Melissa Kojima

Juxtapoz Magazine

There are a lot of back issues of the art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz, available to view online, but there aren't any current issues to read online - until now. For their April 2011 issue, Juxtapoz collaborated with Levi and L.A. MOCA to bring you a "free-to-see-online-issue". Why all this collaborating? It's for MOCA's huge "Art in the Streets" exhibit. Juxtapoz magazine is just the right publication to help with this amazing exhibition. They've been giving readers an eyeful of street art for many years. Get your eyeful of Juxtapoz Art In The Streets April issue here… or heck - you can just flip through it below right here on Illustration Pages.

Juxtapoz Magazine

Juxtapoz Magazine

Juxtapoz x Levis - Art In The Streets Issue

Sorted London Brick Lane Exhibition

East Gallery Sorted Poster

June 9th – 16th, Summer 2011
Opening night: Thursday May 9th, 6.00 pm - 9.30 pm

East Gallery presents Sorted, showcasing the works of 10 diverse artists working across a variety of media. Additional information can be found on the Sorted website...

Eleanor Bedlow Illustration
Eleanor Bedlow - “Lift” Oil based pencil on paper

Jo Cheung Illustration
Jo Cheung

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Cristian Grossi Issues The Chroma Project

Cristian Grossi is an Italian designer, co-founder of KreativeHouse studio, currently working in Parma, Italy. Cristian loves design, minimalism and modernism. He enjoys working and experimenting with illustration techniques, patterns, abstract design, colors and graphics. Cristian has released his latest project, Chroma. He describes the project as being based on speculation of pain, in which he visually transforms the emotions associated with pain into an aesthetic of grace. See more of Cristian Grossi's work...

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New Illustration Work From Ilaria Grimaldi

Ilaria Grimaldi has updated her site with new illustrations. Ilaria's work is fun. She claims she's obsessed with bald men and goldfish. Hey - guess everyone has their own crazy fascinations. Visit Ilaria Grimaldi's illustration site…

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