Illustrator Karen Greenberg - Drawing Inspiration From The World Around Us

Having been exposed to art, photography, painting, architecture and design as a child growing up in a creative home, Karen Greenberg's inspiration and influence started quite early on. Karen's biggest influence however is nature - the textures, colors, sounds and glory of it.

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen attended the American University in Washington DC, majoring in photography, where upon graduation, she became the Assistant Director of the Sander Gallery. Three years later she moved to New York City and through a fortuitous chain of events, she was given an opportunity to develop her design and art direction skills in the beauty/corporate world. After ten years in heels, she decided it was time to move on.

Karen Greenberg book cover illustration

Karen Greenberg poster illustration

Karen co-founded the design firm, Greenberg Kingsley, NYC. The studio's main focus was music, entertainment and non-profit arts organizations. They designed it all - from CD covers to festival logos to brochures. Among the studio's many accolades was a Grammy® nomination for “Best Boxed Set”, Blue Note Records 60th Anniversary. During her tenure as designer and art director, Karen became more and more interested in illustration and incorporated her self taught style into many of the studio's design projects. Little by little, she felt illustration taking her over and while she continues to work as a freelance designer and art director, she now focuses most of her attention on illustration and the challenge of staying in a perpetual state of creative evolution.

Karen Greenberg merchandise illustration

Karen Greenberg book cover illustration

Karen Greenberg packaging illustration

Karen Greenberg Bloomingdales illustration

Karen Greenberg hp printer advertisement illustration

Karen currently resides in New York City where life continues to influence, inspire and amaze her on a daily basis.


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