10 Inspirational Logo Designs from the Studio of Dennis Salvatier

off the hook fish and grill logo design
Casual Dining Restaurant in Southern California

Dennis Salvatier has a philosophy about graphic design. Great and effective design is the product of creativity, knowledge and information. He's been putting that philosophy into practice for 13 years, working with clients such as Lakeshore Learning Materials, Century 21, and Pacific Sunwear.

Salvatier Studios specializes in designing unforgettable and effective brand identities for small and mid-sized businesses. A powerful and memorable brand identity is essential for every company, and Dennis believes that branding services should be reasonably priced to fit the budget of each individual client - no matter their size.

Dennis states, "Branding doesn’t need to cost a million dollars, it just has to look like it did."

arcas republic logo design
Arcas Republic

Arkham logo design
Clothing Line

chino hills mortgage man logo design
Mortgage Company

funny mondays logo design
Online Publication

guerilla films logo design
Guerilla Films

monkey in the cage logo design
Monkey in the Cage Podcast

one world sarongs logo design
One World Sarongs

pacific nature tours logo design
Pacific Nature Tours

Ten lil' imprints logo design
ten lil' imprints


  1. This is really interesting. You are a great blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeing more of your work.
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  2. I noticed, and I do like the presence of those symbols in the logo. I was thinking about adding more runes, but yes... thinking twice, perhaps that would mean an excess of symbols in the logo. I guess one can't put everything and the kitchen sink in a logo :)
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  3. These all designs are very unique...i like your creativity. I feel that each logo has a story to tell explain or narrate with the kind of business company is going to indulge in. Logo should also create interest in other peoples mind to know more about the company.
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  4. Logo designing is the creative task and needs interest to show off a skills of a professional and creative person! So i appreciate your interest and skills you have presented their.. Keep it up!!


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