Beautiful Girls and Cuddly Creatures - This is the World of the Talented Genevieve Tsai

Girls with a surfboard

It's an explosion of talent on the pages of artist Genevieve Tsai's website. The wonderful colors she uses and quirky characters she creates in her illustrations are sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day. Her charming scenes draw you into a world of laughter and playfulness. Not surprisingly, Genevieve Tsai has been a Concept Artist and Character Designer in the video game industry for over 7 years. She has done work for the likes of Activision, Electronic Arts, Ghostbot, and Sanzaru Games - an impressive roster of companies indeed. As you look through her work be sure to take note of her skillful use of lighting, how she employs depth of field to add interest to some of her scenes and the playful, innocence that is present throughout all of her illustrations. There must be a whirlwind of ideas swirling around inside her head, and thankfully for us she plucks them out and captures them on paper - and screen.

girl in a coffee shop

monster with a lot of eyes

animals chasing a mouse

girls laying under a tree

girl looking for her cat

snow scene cartoon

girl holding monsters back

cartoon submarine


  1. These Are Gorgeous!!! and they tell so much story! That little girl with the fireman's hat! That couple under the tree with the bus in the background. The dragon steering the sub! wow!! amazing!!


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