Ken Graning Interview

It is my pleasure to present the autobiography and artwork of illustrator, Ken Graning. Ken Graning's impressive career as an illustrator spans an astonishing forty six years.

When It Comes To Logos These Companies Don't Play Around

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In March, Forbes reported that Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Corporation, is "one of the richest people on the planet".

Ed Fella Interview

Ed Fella is one of the most prominent graphic designers of our time, and as you can imagine, a conversation with Ed Fella is both inspiring and enlightening

The Amazing Illustrations and Sketches of J.R. Mounger

Artist and designer J.R. Mounger has a passion for illustration and you sure can tell by the artwork he creates.

An Interview with Art Licensing Consultant, Maria Brophy

I first learned of Maria's work last year, when I featured the artwork of surf lifestyle artist, Drew Brophy, here on Illustration Pages - I've been a loyal fan and avid follower of both ever since.



The 10,000 Hours Infographic: Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice Theory

A popular post on Illustration Pages is a post titled, 10,000 Hours Will Make You An Illustrating Master!, from way back in February of 2010. In the post we discussed the "10,000 hour theory" as explained by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. Essentially the theory states that it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to master anything. In our post we broke it down into weeks and years - practice 20 hours a week and achieve your goal in 10 years - practice 40 hours a week and achieve it in 5 years. The infographic below, created by Zintro, breaks it down even further and does a very nice job of explaining the theory through visuals. Practice makes perfect so keep on keeping on friends.

Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 Hours
10,000 Hours Infographic Created by Zintro

When It Comes To Logos These Companies Don't Play Around

Contributed by Lou Simeone

The video game industry is a multi billion dollar industry. In March, Forbes reported that Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Corporation, is "one of the richest people on the planet". Valve Corporation is a major player in the PC game industry with award winners such as Half-Life®, Left 4 Dead®, Counter-Strike® and more in their arsenal. In 2012 Forbes also reported that Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man credited with completely changing Nintendo from a maker of card games into a multibillion-dollar video game titan, has a net worth of $2.5 B. And the pioneer of the early home computer games industry, EA Sports, can tell you that becoming the exclusive game for the NFL comes with a $300 million dollar price tag. Video games are serious business. And these businesses pay serious attention to their branding. Today we're going to focus on part of that branding - you guessed it - the logos.

Atari Logo

Intellivision Logo

Activision Logo

Nintendo Logo

Sega Logo

Wii Logo

If you have kids, especially teenage boys, then you're almost certainly familiar with this collection of logos. Assembled here today are the logos of some highly regarded video game companies and logos for a few of their popular video games. Many of these logos are among the most recognizable logos ever created. Heck, some of them are classics that you might remember from your own carefree days as a gamer. Unfortunately, it's difficult to ascertain the names of the designers who created them. If you can identify the designers that created any of the logos featured today please let us know in the comments, so we can check out more of their creative work. And, if I inadvertently left out any logos, call that out in the comments also.

Playstation Logo

PS3 Logo

X Box Logo

EA Sports Logos

HitMan Logo

Haze Logo

Gears of War Logo

Grand Theft Auto Logo

Metal Gear Solid 4 Logo

Guitar Hero Logo

Syphon Filter Logo

Rock Band Logo

Resident Evil Logo

Illustrator Karen Greenberg - Drawing Inspiration From The World Around Us

Having been exposed to art, photography, painting, architecture and design as a child growing up in a creative home, Karen Greenberg's inspiration and influence started quite early on. Karen's biggest influence however is nature - the textures, colors, sounds and glory of it.

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen Greenberg illustration

Karen attended the American University in Washington DC, majoring in photography, where upon graduation, she became the Assistant Director of the Sander Gallery. Three years later she moved to New York City and through a fortuitous chain of events, she was given an opportunity to develop her design and art direction skills in the beauty/corporate world. After ten years in heels, she decided it was time to move on.

Karen Greenberg book cover illustration

Karen Greenberg poster illustration

Karen co-founded the design firm, Greenberg Kingsley, NYC. The studio's main focus was music, entertainment and non-profit arts organizations. They designed it all - from CD covers to festival logos to brochures. Among the studio's many accolades was a Grammy® nomination for “Best Boxed Set”, Blue Note Records 60th Anniversary. During her tenure as designer and art director, Karen became more and more interested in illustration and incorporated her self taught style into many of the studio's design projects. Little by little, she felt illustration taking her over and while she continues to work as a freelance designer and art director, she now focuses most of her attention on illustration and the challenge of staying in a perpetual state of creative evolution.

Karen Greenberg merchandise illustration

Karen Greenberg book cover illustration

Karen Greenberg packaging illustration

Karen Greenberg Bloomingdales illustration

Karen Greenberg hp printer advertisement illustration

Karen currently resides in New York City where life continues to influence, inspire and amaze her on a daily basis.

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